Our Community


The mission of our Parents and Friends Association (PFA) is to support the staff and students while creating a strong sense of community among our families. The PFA does this by hosting a number of events and activities throughout the school year as well as serving as the liaison between the school and parent volunteers. These connections make Adams Montessori a thriving and cohesive community and encourages our children to become lifelong responsible and collaborative individuals.
Below is a list of our PFA committees, which all families are invited to join.

The Event Committee organizes social events throughout the school year, such as school picnics, the international potluck, a pizza and dance party, and an ice skating night. Throughout the school year, this committee will also host Meet Ups which are casual in nature and intended to promote more social interaction between smaller groups of people.

The Caring Committee serves to help Adams Montessori School families in need and to commemorate special events within the community.

The Staff Appreciation Committee finds ways to show the staff how much parents appreciate all that they do for the children, from organizing luncheons during the year to a holiday gift for staff.

The School Life Committee provides support to school staff for special events at school, such as parent information evenings and public speakers.

All parents are welcome and invited to share their talents, abilities and ideas with our community. If you are interested in participating in the PFA, please contact us at pfa@adamsmontessori.org.