Lower Elementary Moving On Ceremony - June of 2022

In June of 2022, six of our lower elementary students spread their wings and moved on to the 4th grade. We welcomed two of the students to our upper elementary program and we wished the other four all the best as they move beyond Adams Montessori School to new academic adventures!
The moving on ceremony is always such a beautiful event. Each of the students selects an individual who has made or is making an impact on our world, creates this individual with a papier-mache head, and shares their knowledge of their selected person with their families and classmates at the moving on ceremony. 

This past year, the students chose to highlight and celebrate the achievements of Amelia Earhart, Muhammad Alison, George Washington, Nikola Tesla, Anne Frank and Viola Desmond. The students explored how each of these individuals were connected to each other. Keep reading to learn more!

My friend George Washington is connected to Amelia Earhart because of their self-discipline and determination.
My friend Amelia Earhart is connected to Nikola Tesla because many people didn’t believe in all they could accomplish.
My friend Nikola Tesla is connected to Muhammad Ali because they didn’t give up when obstacles stood in their way.
My friend Muhammad Ali is connected to Viola Desmond because they both stood up for what they believed no matter the personal cost.
My friend Viola Desmond is connected to Anne Frank because they were both hopeful for a better future where all people could enjoy the same rights and freedoms.
Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world”. She is connected to all the other historical figures you met today because they all hoped and worked towards a better tomorrow. May we all work together to improve our country and our world better for the future.